About Us

Why Choose Us?

We challenge ourselves to explore new skills and technologies, investing in our people and machinery. Our skilled team combines traditional woodworking techniques with modern practices to achieve high standards in quality while maintaining design and function.


We aim to exceed expectations with every job we do. With meticulous planning, our team follows a process that promotes quality and artistry in every work. We are among the chosen few to be the prefered joinery contractor for major luxury projects.

Health & Safety

We recognize that the health and safety of our team are of utmost importance. With the expectation of high standards in quality of workmanship, no less is expected in the health, safety and welfare of our team. Positive safety culture is promoted within the organization and is reflected with our OHSAS 18001 certification.


We are conscious of the impact on our environment and the local community. From responsible sourcing of materials and finishes to waste minimization, our commitment to sustainability is a long-term initiative and is reflected with our ISO 14001 certification.

Our Clients and Consultants

Years of experience on prestigious projects with our transparent approach has build long-lasting and trusted relationship. We are focussed and dependable, giving our clients confidence from conception to completion.